Hey KKM fandom! As you might have heard, Viz Media has re-licensed the Kyo Kara Maoh! manga! Great, right? But, what does this mean for us, the fandom?

Firstly, as of now, Viz is only releasing volumes digitally. Today they released the first volume for  iOS, Android, web browsers, Google Play, iBookstore, Kindle, and Nook. Please strongly consider buying a copy! It’s only $5, and purchasing a copy will show Viz Media that interest in the series is still going strong. If enough interest is shown, they could eventually begin releasing physical copies of the work as well. If there is not enough interest, they will not renew their license, and the manga could be dropped.

Please support Tomo Takabayashi and Temari Matsumoto (the wonderful creators of this series)! The official page for volume one of the manga can be found HERE

(via kingshibuya)